Victorian Railways DERM and MT Trailer Set

Thank you for your support on this project. All models are now sold out.

TrainBuilder is proud to announce a very special limited production of the Victorian Railways DERM and MT Trailer Set in HO-scale brass.

  • DERM
  • DERM
  • DERM
  • DERM
  • DERM

Pilot model shown

TrainBuilder's HO Scale VR DERM and MT Trailer set will feature the following:

  • All brass construction
  • Available in paired sets only
  • Exclusive Quiet Drive mechanism with precision Canon motor and brass flywheel
  • Directional headlights on the DERM
  • Lit marker lights on DERM and MT
  • Fully detailed interiors
  • Flicker-free interior lights
  • Superb undercarriage detail
  • Glazed windows
  • Prototypical painting and lettering
  • Finescale black nickel-plated wheels
  • RTR with Kadee couplers installed